Before launching my blitzkrieg on blogosphere, I offer my apologies to those misled by the arbit blogname into believing that there is anything of (technical) substance to be found here. For others who find the chivalry of Quixote in their hearts (more importantly his kind of time to kill on their hands), let me return your valor of reading on with an attempt to briefly (or not!) explain my presence here. I may give a shot at my love for literature as an excuse. But my miniscule claim to anything that can remotely be called literary talent barely wields the power to combat the resilient laziness inbred in the infrastructure of my anatomy. I may also try saying that I am here to break-free off the shackles of monotony or boredom like some of my (more fortunate) friends. That, however, would be even further from reality. Indeed, as a Work-In-Progress on a B-School assembly line, monotony and boredom in any variety are bounties I am prepared to kill for.

Hell! Who am I kidding? Here’s yet another jump on the bandwagon by yet another jobless (momentarily so) freak (perennially so) who knows how to type stuff using MSWord and then paste their divine musings on a webpage to torment the world around them! I’m here simply ‘coz I had nothing better to do today!! Fuzzy, did you say?

3 thoughts on “Veni

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  1. good job. i could start compiling an online-Helios edition now!! (( Let there be byte ..)) sorry for that one, couldn’t resist myself. anyways, keep posting… 🙂


  2. I really really wanted to put a thoughtful comment in here but Rwitam’s ‘zeher’ really knocked the wind out of my sails!! Goodness graciuos me Rwitam, you win the ‘zeher’ shootut hands down. Phew!!Mahima, its good that u got going with ur own blog but u could save a lot of reader’s lives by deleting poisonous comments like Mitra’s in here!!


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