I Came. I Saw. I Scampered.

Having spent a better part of the past two days and nights typing out a 30 page summary of how I have been spending the last two months at ICICI Bank UK PLC, I must be crazy to not be able to sleep tonight. Even crazier to willingly undertake yet another typing task. But then, on my last night in London, a session of reflection seems only fitting. As if on cue, my shuffled playlist digs up, from some long forgotten ghost folder on my hard disk, that celebrated retro song glorifying Rangoon. And as the estranged lover admits, “Hum chhod ke Hindustan bahut pachtaye“, I wonder if I feel the same way. Friends from my chat list have been commenting on my highly distressed status messages the past week (though I must admit I am secretly proud of my creativity even on the destructive side, my personal favorite being ‘yU.cK.’).
Yes, the last days were crazy, not made any easier by the ‘work pressure’ finally being felt as that familiar last-moment syndrome settled in. Yes, as the time to return got closer and yet not here, it felt like chasing my own shadow. Yes, living alone in a foreign land has been challenging. And yes, all said and done, home surely is where the heart is. But as I skim through the 4 Gigabytes of snaps, videos and memories I have managed to gather over this time, and I see my 10 pence smile flashed back at me from them all, I feel it would be pretty thankless of me to let the above invalidate the fact that with what I like to call a paid vacation, I could hardly have asked for a better first job!
One word doc is hardly enough to cover the clichéd roller coaster ride that this has been. Whenever I think back to the night before that fateful interview that got me here, it seems more and more like a prologue to the story I only wish I had the words to describe here. When I pause to think about it, I have to marvel at how often we perceive ‘now’ as the all important while the present may just be a small piece fitting in the jigsaw of the proverbial bigger picture.
It has been a journey of firsts. The first step on a foreign land. The first time I met the two guys I was supposed to serve this time with, so full of apprehension (much thankfully they turned out to be complete dunderheads, so our wavelengths matched completely!). The first day at work. The first trip to the mall (from which we came out quite sure we would have to starve ourselves if we were to save anything at all in this country). The first self-cooked dinner as elaborated in painful detail earlier. Even the first encounter with the racist side of Great Britain. Good and bad, its been a learning experience through and through. And it would be grossly unfair to not add that it echoes much more resoundingly of laughter than of groans.
Wow, this sure ended up sounding like a volley of wandering, sleep-deprived thoughts, but I guess that’s because that is exactly what this was. And as I now see the past as an aggregation of seemingly random pieces fitting in beautifully to complete the picture of this latest incredible experience, I wonder what jigsaw I am in the process of assembling now. Whatever it is, God’s screenplay writing skills sure deserve a standing ovation!!

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

—Steve Jobs (Stanford Commencement Address 2005)

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