An Evening in Paris (2/3): The Birth of my 6-1-Indian Theory®

As we approached the tower for a closer shot, we managed to catch the attention of a ‘brother’, selling Eiffel Tower merchandise. Key chains, metal models, glass models, pin-ups.. you name it. Now, it so happened that I had an eye out for one of these long before reaching Paris. There is this transparent model of the Tower with dancing lights that I had seen with a friend recently, and had fallen in love with. Whats more, he had also flaunted the cheap bargain he had made on it by managing to procure it in merely 2 euros from the exact spot where I stood now. (Note here that a preceding theory of mine is that a cheap bargain is the hairline difference between a desirable object and an irresistible one, at least for the Indian lady.) So, obviously my eyes sparkled as I spotted my coveted trophy in ol’ brother’s hands.
“How much for the light thingie?”, I enquired, feigning a tone of careful carelessness. Like a good bargainer.
“6 euros”, he quoted the price at a 200% premium. Like a good salesman.
“1 euro.”
“You Indian?”
Eureka! Archimedes strikes gold again. The glorious birth of another legendary theory. I call it, admittedly unimaginatively, The 6-1-Indian Theory®. Here is the detailed paperwork that I followed with to lend the credibility to my theory that only hard research can yield:

Mental computation of the Indian buyer:

Market Price: 6.
Selling Price: 2.
By the axiom of efficient bargaining (courtesy Mother Nature),
Bargaining Bid (where Bargaining Bid Є Careless Sounding Integers)
Therefore, Bargaining Bid=1 euro.

Mental Computation of the enlightened seller:

Bargaining bid Є Ridiculously Low Integers
Therefore, Seller Є India, which, in other words, is the 6-1-Indian Theory®.
After I had my stroke of ingenuity and everyone around me had their fair share of laughs, we proceeded to exploit the digital cameras in our hands to the fullest. (The Indian idea of a fair Return on Investment is evidently another theory dying to be born. But, according to my The-world-does-not-have-the-brains-to-appreciate-my-genius theory, the ecosystem is barely big enough to sustain one stroke of ingenuity from me in one earth revolution so I decided to contain my thoughts there.) And yes, I managed a 3 euro bargain too. Not quite what I was aiming for, but the extra euro was a tip for kindling the dormant light of discovery in me. Or at least that is what I like to tell myself..

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  1. Naah, I’m guessing the kid had his drinks just fine.. The kind of margins they make on these things are crazy.. Even at 2 euros, I’m sure I gave the guy a mighty 300-400% margin. At the least!


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