Review: About Time

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie again, even before the movie has actually ended? About Time made me check, several times during the movie, how much of it was left, just so I could calculate if I had time enough to watch it a second time.

About Time is written and directed by Richard Curtis – a man whose work I cyber-stalked for an hour after the movie ended. (So I suppose that means I did actually have the time to re-watch the movie, after all.) No matter, because my cyber-stalking revealed what I suspected – the man is responsible for some of my all time favourite movies. And I now have a bunch of new would-be favourite movies to watch next. What else could a girl ask for?

About Time is the story of Tim. (Just realised that means it is also a story About Tim. *snort snigger*) When Tim is 21 years old, his father lets him in on a family secret – the men in the family have the power of time travel. To be precise, they can travel back anytime in their own lives to re-live it, and alter their actions. This allows them to alter the people, events and courses of their lives. Tim now has to choose what to do with this special power. As most 21 year old men would, he chooses that he wants to use it to get himself a girl friend. His journey to use his power to find a girlfriend reveals to him what love is, how one finds it, and price one must pay to keep it. As the story and Tim’s life progresses, his power teaches him (and us) a few more secrets about life, love, loss and happiness.

The film has some brilliant performances but it is the rare movie where the story is the actual hero. Which is why I really don’t want to give away any more of it. Suffice to say that if you, like me, are a sucker for sappy-happy movies, this is just the one to watch this Saturday night, preferably with the people you love. And then again, when you time travel to next Saturday night. And many more after that.

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