Review: The Cactus

The Cactus is the story of Susan Green - a bureaucrat in her mid-40s who has no time (or patience) for people and the many feelings and failings they come with. As a result, she is a single woman living in London with no friends, and limited contact with her family, save her aged mother.... Continue Reading →

Review: Untamed

#Untamed by @glennondoyle is the kind of book that makes you feel lucky it found you. I don't care if you're a man or a woman, a parent or not, single or married, divorced or widowed, working your dream job or still dreaming about your dream job - there WILL be a chapter of this book that will... Continue Reading →

Review: Room

I have made a big show since I became a mom of telling anyone who recommends movies and books to me that I can no longer stomach dark thrillers the way I used to before I had my son. And then I go ahead and read Room (and watch Killing Eve), so you know that... Continue Reading →

Review: The Ickabog

This one is less of a review and more of a public notice. For who am I, mere mortal, to review a book written by God Herself. Fellow Potterheads, unite. JKR has written another children's book, and it is called The Ickabog. You can pretty much stop reading here because true Potterheads don't need any more... Continue Reading →

Review: Across the Line

Growing up in Delhi, my friends would all go to their hometowns or native villages during summer vacations, and I would often get asked the question, "Where are you from?" And I always replied, "Delhi". "Yes, but where are you from from? Like, originally." I never knew how to answer this question, or indeed what... Continue Reading →

Review: Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive is the story of a New York magazine writer named TifAni FaNelli who suffers, among other things, from having too many capital letters in her name. Other sufferings of TifAni include a supremely low self esteem, which also manifests itself as an exaggerated bitchiness towards the world. In line with the above,... Continue Reading →

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