Review: The Husband’s Secret

Yet another day, yet another #LianeMoriarty novel. I have got to lay these off for a while because, frankly, the Aussie ensemble cast has begun to melt into one another across novels at this point.  That said, The Husband's Secret, possibly the most famous of Moriarty's novels after Big Little Lies, holds it's place of... Continue Reading →

Review: Three Wishes

Thank you, Big Little Lies, for the introduction to Liane Moriarty. The witty and intelligent author who seems to have "layers to characters" as a recurring undercurrent across the stories she pens. Of course I base this on my giant sample set of 2 of her stories, but it is something I found to be... Continue Reading →

Review: Artemis

What a thing of beauty it is when you can pick up a book and, without reading it's jacket or even it's name, march confidently to the cash counter solely based on the name of the author. After The Martian - another solid entry into The Book Was Better Than The Movie Hall of Fame... Continue Reading →

An Honest Indian’s 10 Books List

The Facebook Fad of the season is “10 Books That Changed My Life”. Also known as, “Look How Intellectual I Am!” It is a great way to show your friends and family how you have read – and more importantly, finished reading – books that many of them secretly started reading but could never finish... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’

For want of a better genre description, lets call this a book review. Although I would certainly have preferred the word eulogy. But first, a little drumroll: I would be the last person on Earth to fall in any sort of cult. Cults, the highest form of conformism known to mankind, depress me. I genuinely... Continue Reading →

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