Review: Crazy Ex-girlfriend

Shout-out to Aadisht for this recommendation. And though it may have led to the discovery of my new favorite writer/singer/comedian, I still want to register my peeve with the man here. This show took up a good 30-something hours of my life, after which I discovered that my recommend-er had seen, like, two episodes of... Continue Reading →

Why is TV so good?

Okay, so I have good news, bad news, better news and worse news. The bad news is that I met with a road accident last month. The good news is that there are still good Samaritans walking Indian roads who will help a fallen scooterist up, and walk her and her dented scooter home. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Hichki

Some movies move you. Some entertain you. Some, you forget within half a minute of walking out as the conversation turns to dinner plans or trying to remember where the car was parked. But it is a rare movie that makes you wonder what if your life had gone in another direction altogether. Could it... Continue Reading →

Review: Big Little Lies

It is difficult to say anything new about a show that has already been written about by every Huffington Post writer worth their salt. Which is why I refrained from clicking on those articles about Big Little Lies like sexual harassment accuseds refrain from sincere apologies. It was the string of awards Big Little Lies... Continue Reading →

Review: Sarah Silverman, A Speck of Dust

Sarah Silverman is a stand-up comic I have somehow followed rather intermittently, over the years. But I have always loved what little of her work I have seen so far. Recently, while indulging in our staple dinner-diet of Seinfeld reruns with the husband, I screamed in delight when I noticed that she featured in one... Continue Reading →

Review: Phillauri

I had given Phillauri a miss in the theatres when the terrible reviews came out alongside it's release. But the trailer had definitely piqued my curiosity. So when I saw the movie had released on Hotstar, I made sure we dedicated one lazy Sunday evening to the home screening of the movie. (Shoutout to Airtel... Continue Reading →

The Feminism of Dangal

As late as I was on the scene, I watched Dangal last night. Possibly the last movie of 2016 that I will watch in a theatre (barring a miracle that results in me making it for an unearthly-timed afternoon show of La La Land), and definitely the first one of 2017. And what a way... Continue Reading →

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