Review: The Cactus

The Cactus is the story of Susan Green - a bureaucrat in her mid-40s who has no time (or patience) for people and the many feelings and failings they come with. As a result, she is a single woman living in London with no friends, and limited contact with her family, save her aged mother.... Continue Reading →

Whither Good News?

Childfree and lovin' it Hello ji, I was once at an office get-together. We were celebrating a professional milestone our team had achieved after months of hard work, and weeks of sleepless nights. People were coming up to each other, commending everyone on their contribution. The bosses were making speeches about team members who went... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Tarun Tejpal judgment

A helpful guide to navigating the legal system's chat show Hello ji, Once upon a time, I was assaulted. And while I don't feel like writing about what happened, I do want to write about how it ended. After the dust settled, I found myself at the police thana. My assaulter was in police custody, and... Continue Reading →

Miranda rights some wrongs

Women students volunteer for Covid relief Hello ji, What was the biggest difference that you made to the world around you when you were a student? (Not counting the readers who are students now.) Let me tell you the story of the time I led a student revolution. In our final year of engineering, we... Continue Reading →

Pink Princesses and Unicorns 🦄

What the hell is my problem with royalty anyway? Hello ji, If a picture is worth a thousand words, brace yourself for a 30,000 worder coming your way, beginning with a thousand well-deserved words about this adorable baby. Source: The munchkin in this image is wearing the gender-neutral clothing children wore in 19th-century America.... Continue Reading →

What Women of Womaning Want

Happy Womaning Day! Hello ji, Last week was a tough read, na? Trust me, it was a tough write too. So on public demand (as also in the interest of my own sanity), I have decided to keep it light this week. Lucky me, International Women’s Day is upon us. Or, as the world of consumerism likes... Continue Reading →

Today, I cross a line

On Obstetric Violence, and why that term exists at all Trigger warning: Women with mental health issues like anxiety and postpartum depression should avoid reading this until they feel better Hello ji, As the topic suggests, I am going to cross a line today. A few lines, in fact. I cross a line between private... Continue Reading →

All the Single Ladies

Relatives, rentals, and man-repellants. Hello ji, Full disclosure relevant to this week's theme - I am married. I know. What a loss for men everywhere who wanted to hear about womaning day and night. But there was a time when I was single, and how. I come from a Punjabi family and, as Bollywood has... Continue Reading →

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