Happy Men’s Day (Part Two)

Destroying the fabric of society, one dirty diaper at a time. Hello ji, As promised, here is Part 2 of the ongoing Men's Day festivities here at Womaning in India. Those of you who missed it can go back and read Part 1 here, in which women shared the stories of men in their lives who... Continue Reading →

Happy Men’s Day (Part One)

We see you, good men of the world. Hello ji, So coming up soon is Men’s Day (19 November). I, of course, have some feelings about there being a day dedicated to the people who run all of the other days. But I am going to keep those feelings aside for this piece. Things have... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Womaning! 🎂

The origin story and a birthday podcast! Hello ji, I am beyond excited to be finally posting, as promised, the official one-year anniversary special kamaal dhamaal grand golden bonanza post of Womaning in India. The origin story One year back - on December 4, 2020 to be precise - I hit ‘Publish’ on the first Womaning post.... Continue Reading →

Hello ji: Womaning Talks #1

Menstruation jokes are not funny. Period. Hello ji, Next week’s post will officially be Womaning in India’s one-year anniversary post. I feel overwhelmed with all the love you have sent my way in the past year. And although just thinking about it makes me want to write a love saga for you, I will park... Continue Reading →

Lamps, lights, and limitless labour

The family that eats together... actually doesn't Hello ji, Men, I hope you had a great festive weekend. I hope you got to see loved ones.I hope your house was lit up with pretty lights and lamps.I hope the house was sparkling clean and there was a colourful rangoli gracing your doorstep.I hope the food... Continue Reading →

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