The Mother with 3500 Children

And other mind-bending stories Hello ji, This week is special. I don't have a personal preamble this week, but let me just say that I am yet to be more humbled, heartbroken, mind-blown, and inspired in any week of writing this newsletter so far. Diving in. It is not news that you are disadvantaged in... Continue Reading →

Hail Mother Dairy

A mother knows. (Or does she?) Hello ji, A few days after my child was born, a doctor was checking up on my recovery. At the end of his exam, he asked, "Aur, breastfeeding theek chal rahi hai? Bacche ko maa ka doodh hi pilana hai." (Is breastfeeding going well? You must give the child only mother's... Continue Reading →

RIP, my sense of humour

Whose locker room is it anyway? Hello ji, पत्नी (पति से)- मुझे ऐसा लग रहा है कि जैसे चोर हमारे किचन में घुस गया है और जो केक मैने बनाया था, उसे खा रहा है।पति - तो मुझे किसे बुलाना चाहिए? पुलिस को या ऐम्बुलेंस को?(Wife tells husband that she thinks there is a thief... Continue Reading →

Should we lock up all the women?

For their own safety, of course. Hello ji, A few years B.C. (Before Covid), I was having a team lunch with some friends at work. We were all just back from tours to various parts of the country and were swapping travel tales. There were 3-4 women and one man at the lunch table this... Continue Reading →

TransWomaning in India 🌈

Celebrating Pride Month Hello ji, Once upon a time, there was LGBT. A few years later, it became LGBTQ. As the years went by, the letters kept coming. At last count, it was LGBTQIAP+ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual Pansexual and a '+' which means 'not limited to'). Now, as someone who would... Continue Reading →

Let me mansplain it to you

Helpful men and their good intentions Hello ji, Since the very first edition of this newsletter, you have sent kind comments, stories, and compliments my way. I am so grateful, in particular, to everyone who has opened up their hearts and lives to me and shared their invaluable stories that help make each edition of... Continue Reading →

Lesser Mothers and Other Mothers

Putting pain on a pedestal Hello ji, Two weeks after the birth of my child, I was back at the hospital for a regular checkup. As I waded around in a classic post-baby what-did-I-do-to-my-life mental fog, I saw a familiar face. A friend was there for a routine check-up too, accompanied by her mother. The mother took... Continue Reading →

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