Review: Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please could just as easily be titled Pretty Privileged People Problems. Which is not to say that these people don’t have problems. In fact, the show was almost defensive about it this season with multiple characters saying at some point during Season 2 to each other, “Just because you are privileged does not mean you don’t have any problems.”

Now, I am usually shallow enough to actually connect with well written privileged characters and feel for their realistic problems, even if I sometimes admittedly struggle to peel my eyes off their designer wear to get there. The operative term being “well written characters”. Which was something that I found lacking in the first season, but season 2 delivers on it, and how.

As a rule, if I dont have anything nice to say then I prefer to not say anything, at least in my reviews, even if I have not attained that level of karmic nirvana in my daily life just yet. And so, I never reviewed Season 1 of FMSP. This Desi Sex and The City delivered quite a dud of a first season with truly unlikeable characters reacting in an unrelatable manner to the unlikely situations they found themselves in. (But, boy, did they look pretty doing it!)

Season 2, however, delivers both – the pretty and the punch. The four leading ladies are remarkable actors and, powered with a stronger script, their renewed confidence in their characters shows in their performances. The four BFFs have the looks, the brains, the punchlines, the challenges that make you feel for them, and the grit to overcome. Not to mention leading men who are as easy on the eyes as the designer wear. (Pardon the Female Gaze here but you have to admit it is a breath of fresh air to have women at the center of a story and men in supporting roles for once.) I can write a whole different post about each one of these men and their, ahem, aesthetic strengths. But suffice to say, Milindrool Suman. 

Together, the ladies face – and are often guilty themselves of a range of issues – from body shaming, to censorship, to adultery, to misogyny, to existential crises, to owning their sexual identity, to divorce, to pregnancy, to mental health issues. Side effects of being a modern thinking woman, in short. So yes, Pretty Privileged People Problems, but problems nonetheless.

It makes for an engaging journey to go on with the four as they face  these problems with humour, courage, companionship and some corny dialogues like “the best ship is friendship”. And boy do they look pretty doing it!

SATC fans will be happy to note several shout outs to the Mother of Girl Gang Shows – the writer desk overlooking the city through a window, the leisurely lunches in the middle of workdays that all the busy careerwomen somehow manage to regularly pull off, even a Big-Carrie-Aiden-esque love triangle.

If you, like me, have had quite enough of the news channels and the hatred, and the doom, then (the second season of) this show is just the shot the doctor ordered.

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